6+1…14+1; 1st, 2nd

Being productive is overtly optimistic. The numbers don’t lie. Composition is a trick. Selective control is the right of every citizen. The people should have delicacy. The people should have access to the subtle and the sublime, as a matter of principle.

– Jaco van Schalkwyk


Jaco van Schalkwyk received his BFA in Drawing from the Pratt Institute, New York in 2003. With Carl Hancock Rux, he developed Rux’s Mycenaean as Visiting Artist at the department of Theater, CalArts in 2005 and 2006, culminating in an engagement as part of the Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2006. He returned to South Africa, and to drawing, in 2008. Van Schalkwyk took part in the group exhibition ‘Drawing Links’ at Gallery AOP Johannesburg in 2010. He has since had two solo shows with AOP ­– ‘Bait al-Hikma’ and ‘FUN AND GAMES… With Zander Blom’ van Schalkwyk formed the band Jaco + Z-dog, culminating in a residency at blank projects in 2011.

6+1…14+1; 1st, 2nd was his first solo exhibition in Cape Town.