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Herman Mbamba

Herman Mbamba (b.1980, Gibeon, Namibia) began his studies in 1999 at the John Muafangejo Center, in Windhoek, Namibia. In 2003 he moved to Norway and began studying at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, receiving his MFA degree in 2008. To date, Mbamba has had eight solo exhibitions in spaces across Namibia, South Africa, and Norway. He has participated in several group exhibitions, including We don’t need another hero (2018)the 10th Berlin Biennale curated by Gabi Ngcobo; the worldwide traveling exhibition Lumières d’Afriques (2016) where he represented Namibia; Chanting all glamouring, chirping(Munch Museet, Oslo, 2016); and Africa? Una Nuova Storia (Complesso Del Vittoriano, Rome, 2009). He is a founding member of the artist collective El Parche, who have exhibited work on La Otra Biennale in Bogotá, Columbia (2013), Hypocrisy: The Site Specificity of Morality (Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, 2009) and the Norwegian Sculpture Bienale (2008). Mbamba has taken part in several residency and workshop programmes, including the BAT Centre residency in Durban, Caversham International Artists and Writers Centre in Kwazulu Natal (2002), Tulipamwe International Art Workshop(2002 – 2003) and the Thapong International Art Workshop (2002). His work is represented in several notable institutional and private collections, including the National Art Gallery of Namibia, the National Museum of Botswana, the Arts Association Heritage Trust of Namibia, the Tulipamwe International Artists Collection, the Statoil Hydro Art Collection and the Du Pisani Art Collection.


1980 Born in Gibeon, Namibia

Lives and works in Haugesund, Norway



2006 – 2008 MFA, National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway

2003 – 2006 BFA, National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway

1999 – 2002 John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek, Namibia


solo exhibitions

2017 ╪Hâ╪Hâsa, blank projects, Cape Town, South Africa

2016 Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika, Norway

2012 The Basement paintings, Dortmund Bodega, Oslo, Norway

2009 Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway 2009 Inverted Colonialism, Gallery KHK, Oslo, Norway

2008 Gallery 21:24, Oslo, Norway

2007 Interplanetary, National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN), Windhoek, Namibia

2002 National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN), Windhoek, Namibia 2001 Democratic Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa


selected group exhibitions

2018 We don’t need another hero, 10th Berlin Biennale, curated by Gabi Ngcobo, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

2017 17, blank projects, Cape Town

2017 Lumières d’Afriques, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (UPCOMING)

2016 Lumières d’Afriques, IFAN – Musée Théodore Monod, Dakar, Senegal

2016 Figure, blank projects, Cape Town, South Africa

2016 Chanting all glamouring, chirping, Munch Museet, Oslo, Norway

2016 Lumières d’Afriques, Donwahi Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ivory Coast

2016 Drawings: Past and Present, the AAHT collection, NAGN, Namibia

2016 3 881 days, blank lab, Cape Town, South Africa

2015 Celebrating 25 years of Namibian Printmaking, NAGN, Namibia

2015 Jule Utstillingen, Haugesund Haugesund Art Gallery, Haugesund, Norway

2013 El Parche Artist residency: Kunstnerhus, Oslo, Norway

2013 La Otra Biennale, Bogotá, Colombia

2013 Arts Association Heritage Trust Collection, NAGN, Windhoek

2013 Jule Utstillingen, Haugesund Art Gallery, Haugesund, Norway

2011 Aspects of Painting Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, Norway

2011 Herman Mbamba & Lamin Chorr Nielsen, Galleri KHK, Oslo, Norway

2010 Africa? Una Nuova Storia, Complesso Del Vittoriano, Rome, Italy

2010 DnBNor Stipend Exhibition, Oslo KunstForeningen, Oslo, Norway

2009 Campers: Skulptur Arena Øst, Oslo, Norway

2009 Hypocrisy: The Site Specificity of Morality.Museum of Contemporary Art,Oslo, Norway

2009 Jule Utstillingen, Haugesund Art Gallery, Haugesund, Norway

2008 Oslo open (In collaboration with Herstay: a performance art collective), Oslo, Norway

2008 MFA Avgangsutsillingen, Steinersen museum, Oslo, Norway

2008 Alone in the Dark, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway

2008 Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway

2007 Earthworks2007, Kultivator, Oland, Sweden

2007 Høstutsillingen, Kunstnerhus, Oslo, Norway

2007 Høstutsillingen, Trondheim Kunstmusuem, Trondheim, Norway

2007 Supermodel, W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2006 Høstutsillingen, Kunstnerhus, Oslo, Norway

2006 Open Academy, Statenskunstakademi, Oslo, Norway

2006 El Parche, Gallery Bastard, Oslo, Norway

2006 Between Borders, Gallery 21: 25, , Oslo, Norway

2006 Academy in Exile, UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway